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Carol Gomez | 27| Toronto
Wife | Mommy | Entrepreneur

God. Family. Good Friends. Wine.
Hot coffee.Spicy Food.Cashmere Blankets. European Travel. Art. Food. Music. Fashion. A good book. Mind & Body Health. Quotes. Interior Design. Lavender.Vanilla.Laughter.Optimism. Vintage.Cafes.Jazz.Pearls.Burberry.Boats. cottaging.lilies. scented candles. pilates. embroidered dishtowels. great jeans. chips & salsa. books & mags. high heels. chick flicks. shopping. socialmedia/technology.modern entertaining. Confidence.Loyalty

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What is the name of the song playing? The songs change quite often; the title will show on the streampad bar on the bottom of my blog.

    2) How do you get music to play on your page? I use Streampad. Go to:
    Once you reblog or post any songs on your blog, it will automatically be added to your Streampad including the title that’s placed on it.
    Alternatively, you can also go to or to download songs.

    3) What is your theme? Ginta Theme with some minor edits by me.

    4) Where do you get your pictures? I find my inspiration from various fashion, food and lifestyle blogs that I actually read on a daily/weekly basis. Also, on The rest I usually will re-blog from those I follow.
    Those pictures that are under my personal link and watermarked are all my photos - shot and edited by me! Please do not remove credits.

    5) How many followers do you have? I find it amazing how many people share so much of the same interests as me, which is why I am so happy to have the followers that I have. I know they follow me with the intention of sharing the beautiful posts with me and not for personal gain. So to answer your question, it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter.

    6) How many are you following? And will you follow back if I follow you? I am following under 500 lovely blogs that I chose to follow because they post the things I love the most and find very original. I do not follow back on request as I find that defeats the whole purpose of tumblr. If you would like me to visit your page, please do leave me a message.

    7) Do you do promo for promo? No, I don’t. I only promote sometimes during Thank you Thursday’s and Follow Friday’s those blogs that I choose to promote for various reasons.

    8) How do you get endless scrolling?

    9) Do you answer all your messages?
    Yes, I try to. I do get quite a few so please be patient as I cannot reply very quickly. All my answered messages will be on my answered messages link. If I didn’t answer yours, it is most likely because I have already answered it recently or it’s on my FAQ’s.

    10) How do you get the cursor glitter?
    Here —>

    A great tumblog with tutorials:

    Need to know more, feel free to leave me a message.
    Thanks for following & visiting my blog!