She sees pretty

Carol Gomez | 27| Toronto
Wife | Mommy | Entrepreneur

God. Family. Good Friends. Wine.
Hot coffee.Spicy Food.Cashmere Blankets. European Travel. Art. Food. Music. Fashion. A good book. Mind & Body Health. Quotes. Interior Design. Lavender.Vanilla.Laughter.Optimism. Vintage.Cafes.Jazz.Pearls.Burberry.Boats. cottaging.lilies. scented candles. pilates. embroidered dishtowels. great jeans. chips & salsa. books & mags. high heels. chick flicks. shopping. socialmedia/technology.modern entertaining. Confidence.Loyalty

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      Nov. 29th, Florida, 87 freaking degrees! I moving somewhere I can see this every morning during winter.
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      First snow fall was on daddy’s birthday 26/11/2010 =)
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