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  • Jul
    Currently reading The Paris Wife…

    and I am falling in love with Ernest Hemingway! He is such a charmer and brilliant writer. Enthralled by this novel.

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    Gotta love my City.
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    Guys, I’m hardly on Tumblr anymore. :(

    But I would LOVE it if you would come join me on Twitter! I need to keep updated & in touch with you guys!

    Twitter link on my page. See you there!

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    So I love my hubby’s unexpected surprises he brings home from work. He’s just the best and most hard-working man I know and I love him so much. But the man does love to spoil me (and I’m not complaining). ;)
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    Pearls & Champagne. <3 Having a great night celebrating my hubby’s Champagne Birthday. :)
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    So tomorrow is my wonderful hubby’s Champagne Birthday. He turns 28 on the 28th! :) So tonight we’re giving him early birthday toast’s with some fab bubbly, wine and cocktails. This man is everything to me and he deserves the best Champagne birthday ever! Excited for tomorrow!
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    sometimes it’s all about confidence.

    they say that if you are in a bad mood- and force yourself to smile- you can actually improve your mood and clear away that negative energy.

    …i’m not so great about faking it.

    mood. confidence. anything.

    i am driven by my emotions (which i love.. but also. woah. crazy town. calm down..)

    but most times our work is driven by confidence (who am i kidding, everything is). whether you are a writer, photographer, musician, whatever it is that you do… confidence in yourself, in your craft, in your ability- and in the final product makes you more productive, and inspires you to continue on.

    you have a bad day at work, nothing went to plan and your dry cleaners was closed early again…
    you go through a dry spell… you feel nothing- you can’t seem to get out of it…

    it all throws you off.

    your muse has flourished with someone else, and left her favourite seat in your house dusty and depressing.

    you pick through paintings, pictures, books…wishing you could figure out how they did it. hating your style and wanting theirs…

    you start to think that maybe it’d be different if you had _____.
    gone to an art school
    went for your masters
    cuter clothes
    more money
    I held off on starting a family
    (fill in le blank with your own excuse.. that i am sure we all have used.)

    remind yourself that:

    we all have to start out at some point.
    there is always someone better than you, and someone worse.
    this is a phase, a natural cycle.. and this too shall pass
    the more you work.struggle.fight for something- the more rewarding it is in the end.
    someone already admires the work you do… (really. i promise. it might surprise you-but it’s true)

    believe in yourself, in your talent, in your work- so others can believe in you too. (which is so easier said than done… it’s a process…)

    now pick yourself up off of the floor.

    find someone you admire online- and go through their archives and see where they began. it’s hilarious, and such sweet medicine. oh god is it ever good…

    you see where they started.. and how it was… well. not so great. and you see the time line of a year.. two years… and how far it has taken them.

    and then i want you to go through your own ‘archives’ -old journals that make you cringe, but realise how much you have changed in the years… photos you took that you can’t believe you charged money for…one of the first paintings you ever did that you loved.

    and then you’ll see the growth. the story. the progression.

    and if that doesn’t work in building some confidence in your craft?

    call a friend and go to the movies.
    pick up something you have never tried before and do it
    bake some brownies. they can be special if that helps…
    look up people you went to highschool with and make fun of them. (i’m kidding.. kind of. not really kidding at all..)

    the point is.. do something that makes you feel good. do something for yourself. do something to pass the time instead of dwelling on it. just. do. something.

    and before you know it

    a little peak in confidence, and that controlling little muse will be pounding on your doorstep begging you to spend time with her.

    3 years ago with 11 notes
    We got our new house keys today! :D

    We’re so excited and heading over to our new home now to start painting. Yay! :D So happy that I totally forgot that I have hives breaking out on my right foot and chin from something I was allergic to yesterday at the park. :p 

    3 years ago with 3 notes
    There is only one…

    ‎A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.

    Thank you for always putting me first, for loving me unconditionally, for being the quintessential Grandma and teaching me to be the best MOM I can be. 

    I love you, Mom! <3  Happy Mother’s Day!

    3 years ago with 11 notes
    My hunny knows me far too well. :) Grabbed me a dozen of my fave cupcakes from the best cupcake shop in the City.
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